Looking at the CosmosHi!  Welcome to my site.  I’m Santari Green – writer, singer, creator of magical reality, and Life Coach. I ask intriguing questions and think “what if?” thoughts, in order to push the boundaries of what we can achieve together as brilliant, creative and inventive beings.

I lead and co-host videoclasses and workshops on energy management, voice and presence, creative writing, and magical reality creation.  I help people become the source of their own body of work,  for there is no greater satisfaction than assisting others to discover and live their greatness.

I specialise in creating breakthroughs in the areas of …

Physicality … We know exactly what our body needs for optimum growth. It is often measured in the form of food, movement, relaxation and quiet. But there is an art to finding out what makes us happy, fulfilled and joyous … and then ensuring that we live that reality all the time.

Magicality … An astounding way of living that allows us to bring our own special modern day magic into the world, totally expressed.

Immortality … What if we can live for as long as we wish?  What if our experiences of life are not confined by limiting ideas about space and time?

Voice … Our voice is a powerful creative expression of what we are willing to stand for.  It is the power of speaking true and of being connected to the source of who you really are.

Writings … I am a passionate, prolific writer. I write what I feel wants to be written.  My writing is timeless because that is how I live my life, and so my life is in every line of my writing. Here you can connect with my first trans-dimensional fantasy book, Imagica, as well as read my latest writings. You can also register for a creative writing workshop, where you can experience how to develop your writing skills and create the energy field in which everything sits.

Coaching … I’m also an intuitive coach who loves empowering people to live brilliant lives.  Click here to find out more about my coaching.

Are you ready to create a brand new level of yourself?  Then read on ….