In Merlin’s Domain

Looking at the CosmosWell, according to Merlin, his domain should be around here somewhere, in this part of the Cosmos – of course we don’t have the exact co-ordinates …

But it’s lucky for you that I know a shortcut. Merlin doesn’t have many visitors, so you are very privileged to meet him in person, sort of. It’s just that I might have to stand in for him on occasion, for wizards are not known for their punctuality or reliability!

Well what do you expect? Merlin’s Domain is a complex place. You will need me to help you through his reality maze. And, of course, he will be asking you all sorts of questions and riddles, designed to get you thinking.

But I digress. Merlin’s Domain is all about understanding the nature of reality, of finding your place in any reality you create … and, of course, learning about magic. Practical magic! The what-did-you-do-just-then magic!

Step aside Dumbledore! Sheath your wand Harry Potter! Merlin is rolling up his sleeves! What do you think he will be explaining, demonstrating and otherwise showing you? Merlin winks ~ the wink implies that it is up to you, to visit him and discover for yourself. But we do have a few hints. Merlin suggests you might …

  • develop an all-round awareness of how to apply your wisdom
  • get a keener understanding of your magical genius
  • challenge your ideas of what is real
  • become more acquainted with the ‘living intelligence’

Tempted to know more? Ready to book your return tickets to Merlin’s Domain? Splendid! Just read the small print below and then press the magic ‘Take me there!’ button.

Register now for a series of 5 one-hour calls, on one of the following group dates …


Dates: Wednesdays – August 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th and September 2nd
Times: 11am UK, 8pm Melbourne, 10pm Auckland (for other times visit
Cost:    £50

Note: Calls will be recorded use video conferencing technology and made available to registrants. 

Special Offer: If you book for the teleclass (not recordings only) then you will receive a special bonus!!

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Please note, the amount may be paid in full or as two monthly payments of £25 each.

For people unable to make the times, recordings may be purchased for £20.

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